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Why You Should Install a Gutter Guard Even in the Absence of Trees in Your Property

A gutter blockage is a common problem that most homeowners struggle with especially where there are lots of trees. Tree debris such as twigs and dried leaves falls into gutters blocking the free flow of water. Left uncleaned, the debris can turn into mulch and the moisture can seep into building roofs, eaves, walls, floors, and furniture. This greatly increases the risk of structural and property damage.

Gutter guards offer a wonderful solution when it comes to protecting your gutters and thereby your building from the adverse effects of a blocked gutter. AAGM aluminium mesh is a leading product in Australia used for both metal and tiled roofs to prevent blocked gutter problems.

AAGM has been built using latest equipment and technology in aluminium mesh manufacturing in Australia. An aluminium mesh product, patented in Australia, AAGM is fire-rated, lightweight and comes with a 15-year warranty.

Gutter guards are great if you have trees on your property. They are equally useful even if you don’t have trees on your property. Here’s why.

Aluminium Mesh Australia | All Flow Aluminium Gutter GuardThey Safeguard your Gutters from Windstorm Debris

Even if you don’t have trees on your property, there could be trees in the neighbourhood. A strong windstorm can transport tree debris to your property. If your gutters are not protected using gutter guards, you’ll be faced with drain blockage, water stagnation, moisture generation and water seeping problems.

Gutter blockage, overtime can affect your rainwater harvest system too if your building has one in place. Gutter guards can easily prevent a blockage allowing for free flow of rainwater. In addition, debris is filtered out, which means that your rainwater storage space will be filled fast with only clean water.

They Keep Insects and Pests Away

Gutters are an attractive area for birds and rodents to build their homes. If water stagnates due to gutter blockage, the resulting dampness makes the gutter a fine breeding place for mosquitoes and insects, which carry several diseases in their wake.

With an efficient gutter guard system, chances of blockage and water stagnation are minimal, which means lower risk of invasion by pests, insects and birds.

They Offer Protection from Fire

If you are in a region prone to bushfires, having gutter guards installed greatly minimises the risk of fire exposure. A gutter with tree debris can easily catch fire from embers transported during bushfires.

By preventing accumulation of tree debris, gutter guards minimise such fire dangers. Fire-rated gutter guards provide a tangible fire barrier against embers.

They Prevent Water Freezing during Winters

Stagnant water resulting from gutter blockage can freeze and form ice blocks during severe winters. With gutter guards, this situation can be prevented.

A high-quality gutter guard, installed properly, can make a great difference to the safety of your property and its occupants. It also minimises the need for gutter maintenance greatly.

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