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Install a Gutter Guard to Restrict Mould Growth

Mould grows in the presence of moisture. Presence of mould in the form of dark patches makes a building look unsightly. Left ignored, mould can damage the paint on walls, wallpapers, and clothes. Exposure to mould also poses potential health risks for occupants.

Gutter protection is one of the best solutions for controlling mould growth. All-Flow Technology Pty Ltd. offers reliable aluminium guttering in Australia with a 15-year warranty. Our patented All-Flow Aluminium Gutter Mesh (AAGM) is a leading aluminium guttering product in Australia. Made of lightweight aluminium and fire-rated, the AAGM is suitable for all types of roofs.

Designed using the latest manufacturing equipment and high-quality powder coating technology, our aluminium guttering in Australia offers a practical, affordable and long-lasting solution for your mould growth problem.

Aluminium Guttering Australia | All Flow Gutter Mesh AustraliaGutter Guards Control Mould by Preventing Moisture

Leaks in roofs can result in dampness and facilitate mould growth. The growth then spreads to other parts of the building, including floors and walls, and furniture.

Roof leaks can be due to blockage of water in drains due to:

  • Clogging of gutters as a result of debris such as dried leaves falling from trees
  • Inefficient maintenance of gutter that leaves it blocked

An effective gutter guard can prevent water stagnation by ensuring an uninterrupted flow of water. It does so by preventing debris from falling into the drainage channel and blocking water flow. When installed perfectly, the gutter guard achieves the right position that directs debris to the ground rather than into the drain.

This way, a gutter guard prevents rainwater and stagnant water from seeping into the roof, and thereby to other parts of the building.

Gutter Guards Promote Better Health by Controlling Mould

Once mould develops, it becomes difficult to contain its growth and spread. Thorough professional cleaning, or replacement of damaged items such as furniture, may be the only solution. This can result in substantial expenses in the long run.

Mould problems can also result in several health problems including cough, wheezing, respiratory problems, stuffed nose, and irritation of the throat, eyes and skin. Symptoms are more intense in people already allergic to mould. People with immunity issues and chronic lung problems can suffer from a severe lung infection.

The All Flow gutter guard can prevent all the above problems and bring in cost savings by effectively curbing generation of dampness and moisture. Given its long-term benefits, the All Flow gutter guard is a smart investment for a home or commercial building.

For high-quality gutter guards, call All Flow Gutter Mesh toll-free at 1800 033 116 today!