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Aluminium Mesh Sydney

The All Flow premium quality aluminium mesh is powder coated, light weight and fire rated. It’s the best aluminium mesh system designed to fit all Sydney roofs be it tiled or metal. Available in a wide range of Colorbond shades, the All Flow aluminium mesh will seamlessly blend with your roof.

Woven Aluminium Mesh Sydney

All Flow Aluminium Mesh SydneyThis woven mesh boasts of a 2mm aperture and has been designed per the Australian Standards for “Ember Attack” in areas that are prone to bushfire hazards. The woven aluminium mesh accepts even heavy rainfall without any sheeting, and keeps away fine debris from your gutter system. These are available in widths of 1000mm, 500mm and 250mm and in 9 Colorbond colours.

Expanded Aluminium Gutter Guard Sydney

Our expanded aluminium mesh features a hexagonal aperture of 3.5mm and is extremely lightweight at 500g M2. The raised surface design enhances the tear resistance as well as strength. The expanded aluminium mesh systems are available in 23 Colorbond colours in the following sizes – 1000mm, 500mm and 250mm.

Top Class Bird and Leaf Screening

Whether you choose the woven mesh or expanded mesh, both systems provide excellent barriers against pests as well as leaf debris. Rats or birds can’t chew on this tough metal mesh. The All Flow aluminium mesh keeps away balls and other children’s toys from entering the gutter and downpipes.

Improved Tank Water

Our gutter guards can accept the heaviest of rainfall while screening leaves thereby bringing high quality of rainwater for storing into your rainwater tanks. It improves not just the quantity but the quality of water collected as well.

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